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Danielle Straton, Singer Song Writer aus USA, Betroffene

1. Mai 2015
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  •  27. Dezember 2014 gestartet
    Christine Querhammer

    Dear Danielle, thank you for your song ! I have founded a selfsurporting group in Hamburg Germany and one of my members is very fond of your song. She asked me to do a translation of it into German. I tried it, but would do a much better job, if I have the words right. Most of them I managed to get them by listening to you song a couple of times. Would it be possible to get the lyrics from you? We also would like to ask you, if you are interested in our network, but I think it would be a languageproblem. Please send me a note, just to let me know how you feel. Wishing a painless weekend and hope, that you had a Happy Xmas! Best regards Christine Querhammer

  • 30. Dezember 2014
    Danielle Stratton Music

    Hi, Christine, thanks for the message. I'll work on getting the lyrics to you. Thanks!

  • 16. Januar 2014
    Danielle Stratton Music

    Hi, Christine, my sincerest apologies for responding so late, here are the lyrics if you are still interested!

    Kopie aus fb zwischen Danielle und mir
    Text im Original von Danielle Straton mit freundlichen Genehmigung im Blog
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